A resident of China in 54 years has grown hair long more than five meters

A resident of China in 54 years has grown hair more than five meters longA photo from open sources

A resident of Sichuan, China, 77-year-old Ake Yizheng may boast of its unrivaled hair as his hair 5.5 meters, according to the Guinness Book of Records, are today the longest in the world.

According to the information publication Oddity Cen, Yizheng stopped get a haircut at age 23, considering that long hair is good for successful life and health in general, because, according to spiritual people, vegetation was given to us by God not for beauty and for a reason. For example, the American Indians who were accepted into the intelligence of the US Armed Forces due to the unique abilities of the natives, after a short Army haircuts immediately lost these abilities.

This is why Ake in the late seventies of the last century, when his hair has already become almost unique in length, flatly refused to cut them off for a decent reward.

However, today an elderly Chinese man admits that seriously tired of such an overwhelming burden for him, since his too long hair creates many problems and inconveniences. Only they should be washed and stacked twice a week with professional hairdressers. Moreover, such a procedure does not take less than three hours, not to mention everyone else troubles.

We will clarify that the longest-haired woman is the Guinness Book of Records again recognizes a resident of the Celestial Ce Xiuping. Her hair in Currently reached a length of 5.6 meters. Oddity Cen Publisher just mentioning this in passing, doesn’t specify how the Chinese woman lives with with such long hair that they give her besides worries and troubles and, most importantly, why did she decide on such a “feat” and how much time spent on it: it’s not a secret that women’s hair grows where faster than men.

Did you know that not every person is able to grow long hair? So if you come up with such a crazy idea, keep that in mind, and indeed …

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