A resident of Katav-Ivanovsk walks all winter only t-shirt

A resident of Katav-Ivanovsk walks all winter only in a T-shirtA photo from open sources

In the village of Sovkhoznom Anatoly Polyakov is an example to follow. A man does not spend money on fur coats and hats, practically He uses hot water, and in winter he likes to rub in snow. By in the words of “walrus”, since childhood he never once got a cold or the flu. Doctors praise this practice, but do not imitate recommend. Anatoly Polyakov was born in the Bryansk region, where every winter there were severe frosts. There was no good heating then, and transport did not allow you to easily get to the right place in the heat. I had to walk a lot, despite the cold wind. – I went to school for 7 kilometers. Seven there, seven back, and on street snowstorm, snowstorm, hurricane. They didn’t carry us in cars, nothing it was absolutely. This is where it all started. If you put a fur coat on, then you’ll get wet, you’ll get sick. I’ve never been sick since childhood, – said Anatoly Polyakov. In his youth, the South Ural became interested in full-fledged winter swimming. Even having moved to warmer areas – to the Kuban – he constantly washed with ice water. And now, in Katav-Ivanovsk, Poles love to rub in snow, and at any temperature air. The family has long been accustomed to such an unusual hobby. – I how many times has he been given a hat, he takes it off. Not wearing. And the caps I I don’t buy it, why? We’re not from the cold, ”says Galina. Polyakova. At Sovkhoz, Anatoly Polyakov’s hobby at first wasn’t accepted. When the family just moved to the Chelyabinsk region, neighbors they didn’t understand how you can walk in a shirt or t-shirt in winter. Now locals are used to it, though they have not followed suit yet.

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