A resident of Montreal recorded unclear where sounds coming like a rattle of metal

A resident of Montreal recorded incomprehensible sounds coming from like a rattle of metalA photo from open sources

The video below was taken on the night of 30 to 31 October this year, a resident of the Canadian city of Montreal. A woman went out to the balcony at night and suddenly heard strange and loud “metallic” sound, heard unclear from where and looking like something from sci-fi hollywood the movie.

Of course, our heroine immediately took her cell phone and captured the gadget heard on the camera. The roller flew around many World Wide Web resources on abnormal phenomena. Ufologists suggested that we are talking about the activities of representatives of extraterrestrial civilization. Perhaps in the dark sky at that moment soared “flying plate “aliens.

However, people periodically hear mysterious technogenic sounds in different points of our globe, many researchers have tried finding their source is still inconclusive. The mystery remains secret, although people sometimes suffer from such auditory anomalies for months, the authorities have drawn the entire scientific the light of the city, of the country is useless. The most amazing thing is that the sounds as a rule, they also abruptly and mysteriously stop …

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