A resident of Voronezh in shock from flying plasmoid

A resident of Voronezh is shocked by a flying plasmoidPhoto from open sources

Today, even ordinary people put all kinds of cameras CCTV in their apartments. As a rule, such gadgets react to movement, and therefore remove any dynamic moments, whether it’s an ill-wisher (most often they’re placed from camera thieves) penetrated the home, or simply flying in front of the lens fly.

On the city site of Voronezh “MY!” received an interesting stock footage from one of the owners of the surveillance camera, who called himself Dmitry F., who lives on Patriotov Avenue (video see below).

“Two months ago,” the young man writes, “I set in my apartment security system with a camera that captures any moving in the room, then sending it over the Internet to my smartphone received record. That day, and it happened on March 7 of this year, I I was just at work, when suddenly a message comes to the phone about that the security system detected a presence in my apartment strangers. I immediately looked at the record and a little from the chair not fell down, at least goosebumps ran on the skin, and on the back – chill. ”

Returning home, Dmitry carefully examined the room in which something incomprehensible flew by – some kind of phantom in the form of a bright rod, but did not find anything: no foreign objects or some entities, not even traces of them. Everything was as is always. That’s why Dmitry turned to the editor, hoping that site journalists will help him figure out what happened. Or, by at least they’ll publish a video, and Internet patrons efforts will be able to solve this mystery. After all, there can’t be such a thing that this luminous object “visited” only Dmitry’s apartment in Voronezh, certainly something similar happened somewhere.

A photo from open sources

The situation looks especially mystical amid the fact that the room Dmitry, where this “something” flew by, is hung with gloomy posters with creepy phrases “Planet of fear”, “Evidence of death” – and all in the same spirit. As the landlord explained, these are advertising posters on his favorite films. No wonder, regulars on the Internet write, what exactly to this fan of horror stories a strange one flew poltergeist.

True, experts on such paranormal phenomena do not agree with the definition of poltergeist. It was, they were convinced, plasmoid – a kind of bunch of magnetic fields and plasma. True, the nature of the appearance of such plasmoids and even more so the reason Researchers do not know their appearance in the apartment. By the way approximately the same plasmoid was shot on a camcorder completely recently in the house of one of the residents of the city of Palm Springs USA. IN unlike a resident of Voronezh, the American was not at all afraid “guest”, considering that a small one just flew into his house fairy fairy.

However, everyone has the right to consider as he pleases or it seems, for example, Dmitry, having seen enough of horror films, thinks very differently – he’s just shocked by the flying in his plasmoid apartment. Moreover, such definitions as “plasmoid”, “ball lightning” still exist only for designations of these paranormal phenomena, but not theirs explanations …

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