A rolling cloud scared beach goers in California

Roll cloud scared California beach peoplePhoto from open sources

The other day a terrible cloud wave in the form of a giant roll covered California beach in Santa Cruz. She suddenly swept across the sky closed the sun, drove a gale of wind and instantly lowered to temperature at the seaside, which is why vacationers perplexedly jumped out of the water, not knowing what to do next.

American Julia Elman shot all this on video, putting it in Internet (see video below). One of Ingrid’s beaches Schmidt-Wagnaar commented on this natural anomaly in social network Facebook like this:

It happened suddenly, a wave of fog seemed to cover us wet blanket, it was even cold, although a few minutes ago all vacationers on the beach literally languished from the heat. Naturally, many panicked, at least no one was swimming I wanted to.

This heavenly “obsession” lasted only a few minutes, and then an eerie cloud just left the beach in Santa Cruz, returning to vacationers it has sun and heat, and even a good mood. Meteorologists they call such a cloud phenomenon a strange word for hearing – “Fognado”, explaining that in a natural phenomenon in the form of a roll cloud there is nothing supernatural. Here’s how it all explains meteorologist Lee Solomon:

Roll clouds are usually associated with gravitational waves, at that moment they most likely moved from southern California to the north. This process can be compared with drop of cobblestone in the water. The reason for this strange phenomenon may become and sea breeze. In any case, there’s nothing to worry about, rather even interesting, but because those who survived these three minutes discomfort on the beach, you can say, just lucky …

However, paranormal researchers tend to believe because the clouds are reasonable, and therefore sometimes they behave very weird. In this case, perhaps the big cloud just wanted scare people, play with them. Clouds can behave where more cruel, sometimes even arranging real disasters. Wherein meteorologists, scientifically explaining all these “natural phenomena”, for some reason almost never can predict cloud behavior. Is it because that the clouds do not obey the “scientific fantasies” of people, possessing fantastic air control capabilities Earth? ..

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