A shot of a rectangular iceberg struck the Internet

A snapshot of a rectangular iceberg hit the InternetPhoto from open sources

A strange photograph is spreading on the Internet that, according to the opinion of many users looks too fantastic and surreal to be true. Claimed that this a fancy shot was taken on Tuesday, October 16th, nearby from the Larsen ice shelf in Antarctica.

An amazing shot demonstrates a giant iceberg having perfectly flat rectangular shape. It seems that this not a random block of ice, but a man-made flat platform, plowing the expanses of the ocean. How is this possible? Is this really Was a geometric masterpiece created by nature itself?

A photo from open sources

Image authors, according to unidentified source, are American researchers. However, while this information not endorsed by the scientific community of the United States, and many regulars on the World Wide Web are still inclined to believe as if we have the result of skillful photo montage.

Nevertheless, there were many people who fully believed in the authenticity of the submitted picture. Such individuals claim that planet Earth is capable of many miracles, and rectangular the ice is not the most impressive of them. Alas, orthodox science will never recognize such a miracle …


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