A sixth of the planet may go deaf and to sleep

A sixth of the planet can go deaf and sleepyA photo from open sources

As scientists have determined, recently people began to listen to everything louder music. And this despite the fact that for the human ear listening to music for eight to nine hours with a volume of 85 db is already dangerous in terms of impairment and even total hearing loss.

According to WHO statistics that researchers have today day, there are almost a billion people on the planet from twelve to for thirty-five years constantly listens to music that exceeds acceptable limits, and therefore precisely so many earthlings in the near future may become disabled (deaf).

This applies primarily to listening too loud music through headphones. Then young people fall into the risk zone, which voluntarily exposes itself to such “execution” at various discos and concerts.

By the way, we add that before that, French scientists determined that listening to too loud music also leads to an increase alcohol consumption. As they say, we arrived …


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