A spinning ice disk formed on Belarusian river

A rotating ice disk formed on the Belarusian riverA photo from open sources

In the Belarusian city of Chaus captured a rare natural phenomenon. On the Basia River, an ideally flat ice disk of diameters in a couple of tens of meters that rotated slowly. Turning on the video below, received by one of the local residents, you can see this amazing picture with your eyes.

Similar ice circles form on rivers with slow watercourse. Due to the vortex flow, a piece of ice cover on the river begins to rotate, and its edges gradually grind on the surrounding ice. The result is a perfectly flat flat disk diameter from several to tens of meters, on which some daredevils even ride, as if on a carousel.

Similar ice discs have been seen repeatedly in the winter also on the rivers of Russia, Ukraine, Canada, USA, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Germany, Great Britain and others countries. In the old days, people took an unusual natural phenomenon for tricks of evil spirits and avoided places with these circles, while the ice did not melt.

Today, people perceive all this as a gift of winter, in this case it is almost a New Year’s surprise for residents of Chausy. They and they don’t hide the fact that Mother Nature singled them out for something and so generously awarded on the eve of the New Year …


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