A spooky chem track over Russia

A terrible chemotrace over RussiaPhotos from open sources of

The term “chemotrace” was coined in 1999 by a Russian ufologist Nikolay Subbotin, this word denotes a mysterious trace, generated by a modern aircraft that can be identified only as a release into the sky of some poisonous substances.

The fact is that ordinary airplane exhaust is left in the sky not a trace at all, and it usually disappears quickly, as It says, melts before our eyes. What can’t you say about chemotracks, which, on the contrary, they leave terrible traces that can hang in the sky for hours, creating a frightening picture in it, for example, a spider web on blue surface, or even completely turning the light sky into gray and unsightly canvas.

Ufologists, like Nikolai Subbotin, constantly monitor the appearance of such emissions in the sky, which they call “chemical attacks”, putting on the Internet everything seen in world of chemotracks. Last similar “chemical attack” from an airplane recorded in Russia. She left Boeing 78, flying the other day over the Far East of the Russian Federation at an altitude of about ten thousand meters. The video was shot from another aircraft.

According to independent researchers, such a creepy chemotrace they had never seen before. After a similar overt chemical attacks are hard to believe in the assurances of the same US government and its henchmen that no chemotracks exist, that it’s just a figment of the sick imagination of homegrown ufologists. See for yourself and draw conclusions …

Russia Airplanes Chemotrassa

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