A strange anomaly hit the camera observations

A strange anomaly hit the surveillance cameraPhoto from open sources

Supernatural Researchers Leading the Popular YouTube channel “The Hidden Underbelly” published an intriguing video recording that caused unprecedented interest among specialists and ordinary Web users.

This video was received on May 24 in the American city Forest Park Georgia. Surveillance camera installed in door peephole of a local resident imprinted on the porch in the dark time of the day an incomprehensible object, which, according to the owner of the house, is something beyond the ordinary.

It is noteworthy that at first the author of the frames presented below sent material to representatives of the world’s largest ufological organizations “MUFON”. UFO and extraterrestrial civilization experts could not find any unambiguous explanation for what happened. Meanwhile, the video quickly spread across the World Wide Web, collecting thousands of comments from surprised users.

A mysterious light object appears in the frame. swiftly, as if materializing from the air, and later for a while it somehow strangely “leaks” upward, leaving a luminous loop for a second. Some regulars on the Internet claim that the anomaly has vague human outlines and certainly a ghost that caught the “eye” of the camcorder. According to other commentators, this is an alien, energy essence from another world or even spatial break.

Well, skeptics, of course, say that it was some kind of night butterfly sitting on the camera lens. To each according to his faith: the law of the universe …


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