A strange anomaly woke the baby

A strange anomaly woke the babyPhotos from open sources of

In the section of the popular social network “Reddit” dedicated to supernatural phenomena, another intriguing record. A user under the pseudonym BarrettMercer tells that the video was recently received by a nanny at his sister’s house. The device installed near the crib of the woman’s son captured supposed anomaly in the form of a luminous point flying along the air and the waking baby.

Footage shows how this mysterious separates from the wall something floating towards the camera lens and then disappearing from it field of view. After a few seconds, the child starts and lifts head, then tossing and turning and falling asleep again. Some users claim that the boy’s movements look somewhat unnaturally, especially at that moment when the baby’s head falls back onto the bed again.

Of course, many commentators are sure that speech it’s about paranormalism. According to such users, in the nursery the room clearly materialized a certain entity from the other world of the world. Despite the fact that the anomaly hit the video and woke up baby, she, they say, was completely harmless. Skeptics believe that we are just a speck of dust or an insect, lighted by camera. And the child supposedly woke up at that moment completely by accident: in life this happens and quite often.

There were also commentators who are sure that baby monitors bring only fears and doubts like any security cameras as people are constantly in contact with subtle worlds – and it’s good that our vision is tripled so that nothing he doesn’t see this. And here…

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