A strange black ring sprang up over Denver

A strange black ring sprang over Denver.Photo from open sources

Over Denver – the capital of the US state of Colorado – a few days ago, a strange phenomenon was observed. Around 7:40 p.m. residents of one of the local areas witnessed the appearance in the sky a huge ring consisting of strange black smoke. Eyewitnesses note that near the site of the mysterious circle there are no plants, factories and other structures that could release smoke in such a volume and similar shape. And it doesn’t seem like on the exhaust from the pipes.

It is noteworthy that dark rings are periodically observed today in many parts of the world, including in Russia and other countries former USSR. Despite the fact that the factory and factory pipes officially considered the most likely source of “abnormal” smoky circles, far from all support this theory. Many consider that representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization are involved here, military men with climate weapons, or even people with superpowers.

True, some believers perceive rings such as unkind signs from above, believing that they appear before some future troubles. However, no church in the world, apparently, I didn’t even try to trace the consequences of such heavenly signs. Yes and independent researchers still cannot say that this such, although black rings in the sky appear with amazing perseverance. As a rule, they soon disappear – without a trace and so far without any consequences. Denver residents hope with them nothing will happen after the appearance of this strange anomaly in the sky. While everything is quiet …


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