A strange blue glowing ball flies over by rail and then explodes

A strange blue luminous ball flies over the railway, and then explodes.A photo from open sources

Vladimiir Kartsovnik posted on his page in social Facebook is a rather mysterious video in which, in his opinion, captured ball lightning.

However, not all Internet users who viewed the data Facebook video or news-specializing sites paranormal subjects, agreed with this statement. Opinions as they say, divided.

Someone believes that this is the appearance of a portal to other worlds, someone saw the presence of aliens in this, some even attributed what happened to mysticism. Such a strange phenomenon happened, judging by everything, somewhere in Ukraine. Vladimir himself does not specify the time and place, the truth is it really doesn’t really matter. More important for many turned out to be completely different, namely, to understand what’s in reality happened on the tracks that moment?

A photo from open sources

If you look at the ball, some researchers write, in other lighting solutions, for example, in the negative, you can see even a mysterious face inside this sphere. Strange not true is it?

However, to solve this mystery we still can not afford, even by for the simple reason that if the video even has ball lightning, then the unequivocal answer that it represents, scientists are still Dont Have. And then there’s the weird blue ball lightning! Really, some mysticism …

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