A strange branch in the forest sways endlessly itself by oneself

A strange branch in the forest sways endlessly on its ownA photo from open sources

A resident of the small town of Ketchum in Idaho USA told Web users are pretty modest (compared to, say, the appearance of bigfoot), but a very interesting phenomenon observed in nearby forest. According to the American, the mysterious anomaly was completely accidentally discovered by its neighbors in the spring of 2011 in camping trip.

Surely many locals repeatedly passed by of this place, without even noticing the strange behavior of one or two branches on a seemingly unremarkable tree. Nonetheless, the acquaintances of our hero were much more attentive to their fellow countrymen and perhaps the discoverers of such a bizarre phenomenon.

The entry below shows a couple of green branches on a tree that is swinging intensively, despite absolutely calm weather. The operator specifically points the camera at so that viewers can make sure that at this moment one leaf in the forest does not waver. The video lasts long enough and gives understand that no one touched, pulled and hit branches off-screen. According to the American, they hesitate so always (and still), and no one can pinpoint why.

However, some users of the World Wide Web, perhaps they managed to find an explanation of what was happening. Supposed that the whole thing is the so-called Venturi effect. Say, trunks trees, between which there are branches, create a kind a pipe in which even the slightest airflow is significantly intensifies and blows up, as if pretty strong and very purposeful wind, and why only certain branches.

Other Network regulars do not believe in such a materialistic theory and believe that everything is to blame for ghosts, forest spirits or some fantastic gravitational anomaly. Or maybe this the tree is special, and therefore able to move its branches, as animal – limbs? After all, even Orthodox scholars in the last time more and more often come to the understanding that in this world everything has its own reason, even artificially created by man objects God himself ordered the trees, as they say …


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