A strange creature is seen at night near gas stations

A strange creature is seen at night near a gas stationPhoto from open sources

It happened the other day in Peru, at one of the gas stations, around four in the morning – almost at night. While at a nuclear power plant several drivers tucked their cars into the camera lens CCTV hit a strange figure.

It wasn’t like a ghost, most likely, an unprecedented creature or even a robot, since this subject is growing was no more than a meter. He was soon spotted at a gas station (security guard the station warned about it by loud speaker), and one of drivers immediately went towards a strange figure. However the creature immediately abruptly moved, as if it had flown to the side motorways.

The motorist, apparently frightened, returned. And then to the side an uninvited guest moved several employees of the nuclear power plant along with security guards, the latter even removed their pistols from the fuses. However, the object quickly crossed the road, but was in no hurry to retire, as if he was held by purely human curiosity, saying that of will this work out?

Judging by the reaction of the drivers and employees of the station, they were very Puzzled and even shocked by this incident at the gas station, they wanted to find out what is it, and at the same time did not dare too far move away from the facility they serve. Most likely they have this case there were some instructions. And a strange guest whom someone called an alien, someone a robot, some more time watched the work of a gas station, and then it either flew away, either dissolved in the air …

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