A strange detail was found on the canvas of da Vinci, sold for 450 million

A strange detail was found on the canvas of da Vinci, sold for 450 millionA photo from open sources

Leonardo da Vinci’s painting “Savior of the World” was recently purchased for a record 450.3 million american dollars unknown a collector, becoming the most expensive work of art in world history.

The 500-year-old canvas of the legendary Italian artist, considered long lost, depicts Jesus Christ, holding a strange glass ball in his left palm. Many experts believe that this is the so-called power (a common symbol of the power of the monarch), however, according to others experts, we are talking about something else entirely.

The most surprising, according to the researchers, is that the mysterious the ball in the picture completely ignores the laws of refraction and reflection Sveta. Da Vinci life and work experts say that genius of the Renaissance, who was even called time traveler, could leave on this work art riddle that humanity has yet to unravel.

A photo from open sources

American journalist and biographer Walter Isaacson explains that “Savior of the world” was created by the Italian in 1500, when the famous artist was 48 years old. At that time he was passionately addicted optics and physics. However, the glass artifact in the hand of the Son God does not show either diffraction of light or reflection of a hand. Yes Vinci, according to experts, could not have made such a mistake and to leave the ball looking unrealistic. It turns out he missed so much details important to him specially?

Maybe he showed in such a way that objects in the hands of Jesus Christ were able to violate the known laws of physics? Or to be maybe it’s all about the mystical properties of the artifact, and such a ball really exist? Finally, the theory that beyond the layer paint in this part of the canvas may be any hidden image – a message for posterity, why the picture supposedly was bought for such a fabulous price.

A strange detail of the picture may be associated with its fabulous at the cost of

“Savior of the world” was put up at a New York auction “Christie’s” by Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev. The starting price of an art masterpiece was $ 100 million. Bidding lasted 20 minutes, after which an anonymous collector suggested 450.3 million by telephone, and no one else dared to raise the price. It is amazing that this small canvas is 64.5 by 44.7 cm. centimeters was sold in the 1950s for only $ 45 when was mistaken for a copy. Rybolovlev in 2013 acquired the picture from Swiss Yves Bouvier is already over 127 million, which he bought it shortly before for 75 million. So beyond the last 6-7 decades, the price of a mysterious canvas has increased in 10 million times.

It is possible that the main value of the mysterious picture Leonardo da Vinci lies precisely in this mystical detail, and because the actual price of the “Savior of the world” could even be much more than the one for which it was sold at auction today …


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