A strange UFO hit the window of eyewitnesses filming him on video

A strange UFO hit the window of eyewitnesses filming it on videoA photo from open sources

A resident of the Novosibirsk region Olesya Milyatina claims that her offspring managed to capture on a mobile phone camera very mysterious phenomenon. Children, according to the woman, were in house and unexpectedly noticed outside an unidentified flying an object.

It looked like a luminous ball hovering above the ground. Surprised guys took a smartphone and began to remove the anomaly through a transparent Door. The ball flew closer, then suddenly separated from it. smaller object and hit directly into the glass, leaving it on peculiar energy waves.

When this video got on the World Wide Web, some The regulars of the Network considered that it was a ball lightning. Given the rarest natural phenomenon poorly studied by science is extremely difficult capture on video, however young Russians may fortunate enough to do it.

Skeptics suggest that it was not a UFO at all, but a reflection flashes of the phone in the glass. But what about the object that hit the door, they say, became a large hail that left cracks on the glass. However Are there too many coincidences in such a materialistic theory? Moreover, everyone will decide this for himself.

Meanwhile, domestic ufologists who familiarized themselves with the video found its extremely curious. UFO researchers believe that this there could indeed be ball lightning, however speech can also go about a mysterious clot of energy that literally melted glass Novosibirsk.

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