A strange vision that has turned consciousness of man

A strange vision that has turned human consciousnessPhoto from open sources

In 1994, Nariman Ilyazov served time in a colony in the Komi Republic, and escaped with another prisoner by named Carl. And here it happened to our hero that turned his whole idea about the world around us.

At night, the fugitives walked along the road, and during the day – along the taiga, trying not to lose sight of the road. They were in a hurry and therefore almost no rested. The goal of men was Ukhta.

When they turned on the sign onto the forest road leading to railway station, Nariman got the feeling that before he had already been here, the countryside seemed so familiar to him. However this could not be, because before his conclusion, Ilyazov did not happened to be in the Komi Republic.

… The fugitives were very tired, but tried not to stop, realizing that they are probably being chased. At one point Nariman fell asleep on the go and saw the following: they are walking along the same road, and the road turns behind the forest, to the right. Behind the forest is the excavation pit, in which the excavator works, picks up gravel and fills them with a dump truck. Then the dump truck, having loaded, leaves pit and stops next to some hut. From the cab a driver comes out with papers in his hands and goes to the hut. Nariman understands that the driver is now celebrating a ticket. Rejoiced, Ilyazov says to his companion: “Well, now we’ll reach the station at car! ”

A photo from open sources

And then he woke up. He was awakened by the voice of Karl, who asked what kind of foundation pit, excavator and machine are we talking about. Looking around Nariman explained that all this he just dreamed of.

Having reached the edge of the forest, the men turned right and saw a foundation pit, in which crushed stone was once quarried. He was abandoned and overgrown young trees and shrubs. From the hut seen by Nariman in a dream, there were only ruins …

… Nariman Ilyazov has long been free, although for a failed escape served an extra term. Until this amazing story that he shared with us, Nariman was a convinced materialist, however what happened to him during the escape completely changed his worldview men. However, he is not able to explain this phenomenon and now. Maybe his consciousness moved to that past at that moment? A maybe in some kind of parallel world? .. In any case the reality surrounding us is not at all what we were taught with childhood itself, and many miracles happen in it. By the way, with Nariman they happen to this day, apparently, something then touched in his mind, it happens to people quite often, it’s just that some people don’t attach much importance to it or are even afraid his new state as insanity, and therefore not telling about it to even the closest …

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