A strange weather anomaly was noticed in Colorado

A strange weather anomaly noticed in ColoradoPhoto from open sources

Only a week and a half remained until the summer, and in the United States … snow. The most amazing thing is that he fell in a warm state Colorado, where today is the temperature under plus 30 degrees C Celsius. Unusual picture captured near the city Wellington pilot Jane Carpenter flying there on a sports by plane.

“Ice Island,” as an American called it, extended over a surface well warmed by the sun of a hot day, for hundreds of meters, creating a truly surreal or even a fabulous sight. Snow covered the local fields, roads and houses, while he does not even think to melt quickly. According to Carpenter, she had never seen anything like it in her long career the pilot.

Videotaped video of a woman quickly spread across the World Wide Web. And this is not surprising: it captures the ordinary in the unusual, that is, some an unearthly relationship that occurs with earthly objects, which is always perceived as mysticism or, at least, fantasy. Not accidentally the aviator Jane Carpenter herself called this rare natural phenomenon – a wonderful fairy tale …


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