A striking anomaly was captured on mexican beach

A striking anomaly captured on a Mexican beachA photo from open sources

Yasmine Duarte Valenzuela, living in a Mexican city Hermosillo recently visited a local beach in the Gulf of California and I filmed something amazing at night.

The record made by the girl instantly scattered across social networks, video hosting and other Internet resources, collecting a huge number of views and comments. World Users the web still can not agree on what is captured on this mysterious video.

By turning on the video below, you can see an inexplicable luminous figure hovering above water in the background of a full the moon. UFO resembling a huge white shawl or jellyfish, slightly flutters in the air and as if even moves his few “tentacles”. Yasmin’s girlfriends next to her on the beach, shout: “This is a ghost!” – and laugh out loud. It can be concluded that the girls are not too afraid of the appearance of a mysterious anomaly, although an unidentified flying object actually resembles some kind of amazing ghost.

Valenzuela says the anomaly has hung for a while over the ocean, and then gradually dissolved in air. But what It was? Some netizens are convinced that this is really comes from the next world. Others believe that this is a drone representatives of extraterrestrial civilization. According to third, Mexicans are engaged in hoaxes and try to pass off as supernatural Chipping or a drop of water on the camera lens. However, the mysterious ghost above the water is clearly seen by all the girls, not only the owner of the camcorder, so less is believed in hoax Total.


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