A striking anomaly was photographed over Geneva

A striking anomaly was filmed over GenevaPhotos from open sources of

A few days ago, the famous YouTube video hosting hit video capturing an amazing phenomenon in the sky above Geneva. Can to think that this is an excerpt from some science fiction film, however, according to the author of the recording, the anomaly did appear over the Swiss city at the beginning of the month. The video has already been compiled on a resource of the order of a million two hundred thousand views, turning into real internet sensation.

The movie was shot on an American mobile phone camera a tourist who has recently visited Switzerland. Amazing record lasting a little less than two minutes, shows a mysterious aerial a funnel sweeping clouds. At the thirty second a white luminous sphere appears – it flies into the funnel, after which the anomaly immediately disappears, and the sky acquires the most ordinary, unremarkable appearance.

Needless to say, many of the regulars on the World Wide Web immediately thought of an unidentified flying object and activity aliens. According to proponents of this theory, the funnel represented a wormhole (space-time portal), through which the alien ship entered with some purpose on our planet. Representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization did what they wanted, and then them the flying saucer went back, after which the portal closed.

There was another, no less interesting, hypothesis. Some commentators suggested that the Great Hadron was to blame a collider, located, as you know, underground near the city Geneva. It is possible that it was he who provoked the appearance in day sky of a huge funnel. European charged accelerator particles have long been considered potentially dangerous due to the fact that he is in theory is capable of exerting the most unpredictable effect on matter of our planet. However, what in this case was a funnel and a shining sphere flying in there? Nobody is able to give answers to these questions.

The network turned out to be such users who called the video the usual hoax. Skeptics claim that in modern computer technology to create such special effects is not great labor – there would be a desire and time.

Hadron Collider Portals

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