A striking celestial anomaly photographed over Missouri River

An amazing celestial anomaly photographed over the Missouri RiverA photo from open sources

This incredible shot was taken on November 20 of this year over Missouri’s largest American tributary Mississippi. Mysterious photo shows a luminous round an object in the sky, from which straight parallel stripes extend downward. A unique frame sent by a certain American to ufologists from international society “Mutual UFO Network”, lightning fast scattered across the World Wide Web, collecting tens of thousands of enthusiastic and surprised reviews. Here’s what UFO researchers wrote sender:

I got this picture from my friend who was hunting recently on deer near the Missouri River. Photo is so it struck me that I immediately decided to send it to you. Suddenly other people also saw similar objects in the sky? I would really like to know that it is, however, I suspect that no one has an exact answer. One would suggest that such an unusual effect in the clouds created by the setting sun, but it seems unlikely to me. Pay attention to the rays that fall from the luminous yellow circle. They are perfectly straight and the distance between them seems to be the same. I doubt that such a phenomenon is natural character. Please share this photo, let people know what miracles are happening around us.

A photo from open sources

Internet users put forward various hypotheses regarding nature of the anomaly. Some regulars on the Web are convinced that interplanetary ship of representatives of extraterrestrial civilization. By the opinion of others, we are talking about a spatial portal that appeared in the sky. Third commentators think it was the real thing. a religious miracle, and humanity urgently needs to get up on the righteous path of love and repentance, otherwise there is no escape Apocalypse.

Skeptics, to everyone’s surprise, are silent: either they are too impressed by the photo, or they can’t find a plausible event rational explanation. Well, it’s not a para-idiotic is an illusion, really right? By the way, ufologists carefully analyzed the image and concluded that it is genuine, that is, not subjected to any installation. And therefore the heavenly anomaly on Missouri River remains an unsolved mystery …

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