A striking celestial phenomenon was observed in Thailand

An amazing celestial phenomenon was observed in Thailand.Photo from open sources

March 13 this year, residents of the Thai province of Chayyaphum unexpectedly witnessed an amazing heavenly phenomenon. Above the earth formed not a cloud, not a bunch of mysterious energy, emitting a “plasma” glow. Eyewitnesses stopped at street, took out their mobile phones and took pictures mysterious phenomenon. None of the Thai people who saw this as their eyes, could not explain the nature of this anomaly.

Many users of the World cannot explain it. Web, interested in the submitted images. Some say what are the tricks of the representatives of extraterrestrial civilization who visited our planet. Others are sure that in the sky over Thailand opened portal in parallel dimension. According to third, this is completely there was a certain rational energy being incomprehensible to us. Skeptics suggest that this is a sunlit cloud or erupting volcano hidden behind the haze in the background (the most stupid assumption, since the Thais themselves in this case would know about the volcano and would not upload pictures to the network with the question – what is it?) One way or another, these photos made the regulars of the Web seriously scratch your brain.

A photo from open sources

It is worth noting that in recent months, strange heaven phenomena are very often recorded in various corners of the Earth. Ufologists and researchers of supernatural phenomena claim that it’s not easy. Whether our “blue ball” is passing at the moment through changes, whether the “green little men. “Among ordinary people there are many who sees religious omens in these phenomena, but the good ones or not – every believer thinks his own …

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