A striking luminous ring arose in the sky

A striking luminous ring arose in the skyPhoto from open sources

Researchers Leading Third Phase of YouTube Moon, reported to have received from one of its subscribers a striking video in which they cannot explain rationally. Unfortunately, the sender did not indicate where and when he received these incredible shots.

However, the most important here, of course, is the video itself, already managed to become on the Internet a real ufological sensation and highly viral material.

The sensational record shows a cloudy evening sky, on which shows lightning flashes … and a huge, perfectly even ring, radiant intense radiance. Experts acknowledge that at the sight of they literally opened their mouths in surprise and lost the gift speech.

Versions are put forward the most diverse: from basic video editing before the invasion of aliens and the opening of the portal to another measurement. However, according to experts, they carefully studied video and determined that it is still genuine, so neither about what kind of installation is not involved in this case.

Recall that just yesterday we wrote about similar portals (wormholes) that appear in the sky in thunderstorm time. In one of these cases (Alabama, USA) there was even recorded UFO, flying out of this “heavenly bald spots.” Surprising in this case is not even the coincidence of “thunderstorm execution” data anomalies, and their occurrence becoming more frequent. And we are talking only about those that someone accidentally managed to shoot in the photo or video. And how many are not captured, not seen, not seen at all the reason for their secrecy?

By the way, about fakes: as one of the users noted World Wide Web, today the manifestation of all kinds of anomalies and the appearance of UFOs has become so frequent and comprehensive that it’s easier go outside and take off on a smartphone without fail something real fantastic than bother torture fake in computer programs. In addition, fakes, as a rule, are simply laid out in Network, but do not send them to reputable ufologists …

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