A stroke survivor loses ability to be sad

A man who has survived a stroke has lost the ability to be sadA photo from open sources

68-year-old Malcolm Myatt spent in the hospital for 19 weeks. Doctors told him that as a result of a stroke, the frontal lobe of his brain, which is responsible for controlling emotions, turned out to be is damaged.

Since then, the man began to notice changes – for example, deterioration of short-term memory. But there is one change that Malcolm considers positive – he lost the ability to feel sadness.

Experts have confirmed that stroke doesn’t rarely lead to psychological, emotional and behavioral changes in patients.

Malcolm describes his feelings in this way: “Now I have there is no depression. And I’m fine without her. Is always feeling happy is much better than living in constant discouragement. This is actually a big advantage. ”

Neurologist Peres Malhotra explained that brain damage can cause a range of perceptual changes in patients of the world: some lose the ability to “read” emotions on faces other people, or themselves are less emotional. Someone indifferently perceives news that would previously cause a surge emotions. Sometimes patients become lethargic and lose their ability to empathy. Damage to different parts of the brain leads to manifestation of various symptoms.

“During a stroke, blood stops flowing to a certain part of the brain, cells die and irreversible changes occur. Each stroke has its own characteristics, and a person’s life changes in depending on which part of the brain is affected. ”

Mr. Myatt survived a stroke in 2004. “Now I appreciate every lived day “- he admits.

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