A telephone booth for communicating with the dead in Japan

A telephone booth for talking with the dead in JapanPhoto from open sources

In Iwate Japanese Prefecture You Can Find Very Interesting payphone booth that is not connected to any landline telephone network, not anywhere else. However, it has been used for more than ten thousand people. You ask, what are they doing here?

The answer is simple: talk with the dead or missing relatives.

As you know, in March 2011 off the east coast of Japan an incredibly strong earthquake occurred, and to the Land of the Ascending the sun hit the devastating tsunami. Japanese death toll the result of that natural disaster is estimated at almost sixteen thousands of people. The northern islands were hit hardest archipelago. Many of the local regions still do not fully recovered from a natural disaster.

The village of Otsuchi was very unlucky then. Water covered him in just half an hour and ten percent of its inhabitants died as a result tsunami. Therefore, there are so many single-parent families, widows and widowers, orphaned children and their parents lost their children.

Phone Booth Heals Heart Wounds

However, the villagers found a very unusual way to deal with with grief. A year after the tragedy, local resident Itaru Sasaki installed in his garden on a hill a white telephone booth with glass windows looking directly at the Pacific Ocean. He did it in order to communicate with his cousin whom he loved very much and who died during the tsunami.

A photo from open sources

“I just can’t talk to an empty place. So I pick up the phone and speak into it, as if somewhere on the other end is my brother. I want to believe that my words are picked up the wind blows somewhere to where the souls of the dead live, “- said Sasaki in September 2012 to American journalists.

Since then, this payphone has come to be called the “wind phone.” is he soon turned into a kind of pilgrimage place for the Japanese, who have lost someone. Itaru was not at all against this. Every day at least several people come to his site compatriots. Mourners go into the booth, take off the telephone the phone and for a long time speak into it. Near the booth often lined up line of people wishing to “get through to the next world.”

A photo from open sources

The urban legend says that the “wind phone” is really allows you to contact the deceased relatives, but far from to everyone. For example, in August 2014, one girl who came here talk to the deceased mother, actually heard from the tube the muffled voice of her relative who died a month earlier in car accident. Unfortunately, the Japanese woman was so scared of it that immediately ran out of the booth, which he still regrets. Such mystical connections with representatives of the other world no no no yes happen, therefore the fame of telephone communication with the afterlife through Sasaki’s booth has spread today to almost all of Japan, yes and beyond, many already know about the “wind phone” …


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