A terrible phenomenon in the sky frightened residents Colombia

A terrible phenomenon in the sky scared the inhabitants of ColombiaPhoto from open sources

The Republic of Colombia is rich in all kinds of mystical phenomena, for example, here we have seen more than once the image of Jesus Christ in heaven, and the town Kali, where the holy statue of the Messiah stands, often puzzles tourists wanting to be photographed near this sights, a mysterious ghost that appears later on photos.

The other day, residents of Kali again witnessed an unusual phenomenon. September 23, closer to night, black clouds came here, portending a thunderstorm with lightning. And at that moment suddenly from heaven there was a premature “thunder”, or rather, it will be strange a loud sound that attracted the attention of many citizens who were at that time on the street or immediately ran out of the house see what it is. And then the Colombians saw something at all incomprehensible. Here is how one of the eyewitnesses describes this event:

The sky was already all in the clouds, and it was getting dark outside the beginning, when suddenly the sky seemed to grit, and then the clouds parted and in their lumen appeared first one, and then the second the sun. It was, of course, just some kind of artificial bright shining spherical objects, but everyone started screaming: the sun, two the sun. It was the first ball of fire that grated and divided into two, and then even a few blazing spheres in the sky that separated from their “uterus” and began to move around, then before our eyes amazed townspeople began to disappear – one after another. So everything and went out.

All this happened a few days ago, but residents the Colombian town of Cali still cannot move away from experienced at least those who witnessed this fantastic phenomenon in the sky. Ufologists put forward the version that, aliens most likely flew to Kali, however believers Colombians have a completely different opinion about this heavenly phenomenon: then there was a sign from above that did not bode well because turned out to be scary and bad – in the evening sky and in front of thunderstorm …

Believers say one thing when in the blue sky an image of Jesus Christ appears, or even on a rock after a landslide, as it was in San Francisco, and another – a terrible omen something terrible in the pre-stormy evening sky …

The sun

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