A terrible sign – a fire cross over the USA

A terrible sign - a fire cross over the USAPhotos from open sources of

A huge fiery fire suddenly lit up over North America in the sky a cross that puzzled many meteorological scientists and real concern to the people of the United States.

At first, scientists tried to attribute this unusual natural phenomenon to the solar halo, but they didn’t succeed, since the nature of the heavenly cross was clearly different. In the end Finally, meteorologists made, as always, the most realistic conclusion: it’s just a cloud, though of an unusual shape and color, and therefore, the mechanism of its formation is still incomprehensible. But nothing supernatural.

This conclusion did not suit anyone, for example, other scientists and even so more mystics. Some researchers have suggested that such the phenomenon may be the result of the use of climate weapons, which has recently been intensively developed by the US military. It is possible that a mysterious cross might appear during the next test, the use of chemical trails and so on. The Americans immediately expressed their protest to the US government, which allows so reckless steps to create new weapons of mass defeat, which can strike not so much on the enemies of the United States, how many of the inhabitants of North America themselves.

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Fire cross in the sky seriously scared the Americans

But for mystics and religious Americans, this the cross in the sky has become an ominous sign that can portend global disasters for the USA. Already today residents of the USA with alarm look at the hysteria of the presidential race countries, while the great prophets indicated that the current 44th the black president will be the last for the US. Of course, many in America this prophecy has not even been heard, but those who know about it immediately connected a terrible sign with the upcoming ending presidency of Barack Obama.

A photo from open sources

However, even without terrible prophecies of fear among the Americans, even the most sober, abound. What is one Yellowstone worth volcano that threatens to wake up and almost bury all of North America under his ashes. Quite a few Americans and other concerns, for example, related and global warming and rising sea levels that threatens flood a significant territory of the country, with aggravated relations of the USA and Russia, which can develop into an atomic disaster for the American people, and so on.

So the fire cross in the sky cut deep into the memory of all those who saw him firsthand, the rest of the Americans get to know this strange celestial phenomenon through various sites and media that are in In most cases, they try to reassure US citizens: a cloud, albeit a mystical one. Reasons, they say, for panic – no! ..

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