A terrible story that happened to Russian hunters

A terrible story that happened to Russian huntersA photo from open sources

An ordinary Russian hunter talked about seemingly nothing a remarkable (in terms of some mystery) case, which once happened to him and his comrades. Our compatriot then went along with three friends to fishing in the forest. The hunters wandered into the thicket by evening and remained, as luck would have it, without matches. Mobile phones and satellite navigation in those days didn’t exist yet.

It was cold late autumn, the weather had deteriorated, and lost poor fellows began to freeze after dark. Suddenly an abandoned gatehouse appeared in front – very miserable, with only one door and no windows at all. Our heroes went inside and they found there only a table with a bench in the middle. No stocks there was no food in this hut. Hunters however were happy and such a find – even if rain does not pour on the head and the wind Don’t blow to the bones.

However, a nap in the gatehouse failed. There was no fire inside so cold that comrades soon became literally here too to scream. In order to somehow keep warm, you could only move, however, there was total darkness in the hut. Then one of satellites came up with a peculiar running around the dark room relay race. Four hunters stood in the corners of the room and quickly became move along the walls clockwise, pushing (pushing out angle) of each other.

You run into the next corner, push the buddy, stand on him place and wait until you are pushed to run on. All night so worn, exhausted, however, as planned, did not freeze to of death. When the dawn came, they left their parking lot and began look for a way out of the forest. As a result, they nevertheless escaped. The narrator is very proud of the ingenuity of his company, which saved him and his comrades of life.

However, the attentive listener to whom this the story was not so much impressed by it, but puzzled. Thinking, he said:

Something in this story does not fit. There were four of you, and there were four corners in the gatehouse, right? You took turns running from one corner to another, pushing each other. That is one of you constantly running, and one corner always remained empty. So that everyone each time you could push another, you should have been five – four are in the corners, and one is running!

The narrator who perfectly remembered this “relay race” in the dark and had not seen in her before any logical contradictions, frowned. Counting everything in his mind, he turned pale. Indeed: if fellow queues ran around the gatehouse and each time pushed each other in each corner, then among them, it turns out, was someone fifth! So hunters and lived all these years, not even suspecting that they had touched then in forest hut with something intimidating, potentially inexplicable and dangerous …

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