A test that’s gaining popularity on the Web is will determine a person’s IQ in just three questions

A test that will determine a person’s IQ in just three questions is gaining popularity on the Web.A photo from open sources

Professor of technology institute from massachusetts shane Frederick developed an original IQ test that contains only 3 questions. It turned out that this same test was developed by an expert in 2005, and just now it was introduced the public.

According to the source, the test includes three tasks, according to the results decisions of which can give an assessment of the level of mental development.

The first question needs to be answered: how much is tennis the ball if it is known that together with a racket it is sold for 1.1 dollar, while a tennis racket is 1 dollar more expensive than the ball.

In the second question, the conditions are as follows: in how many minutes 100 textile machines can make 100 things if five machines it takes five minutes to make five things.

The third question contains the following conditions: how much is needed time for water lilies to fill half of the lake if daily their number doubles, and to cover water lilies of the whole lake will take 48 days.

As studies have shown, of the three thousand people who have passed this test only 17% of respondents gave correct answers. By the way, among The students tested were Harvard students. In order to correctly to solve these problems it is required to “suppress” the first who came to mind numbers.

Andrey Vetrov

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