A Texan shot two mysterious suns on the horizon

A Texan shot two mysterious suns on the horizonPhoto from open sources

Talk about the approach of the mysterious and deadly to the Earth Nibiru, also known as Planet X, excites the minds of mankind long ago. In this millennium, she was again talked about a decade ago – after with a secret american observatory hidden in Antarctica, a major leak information. It is believed that Nibiru is inexorably moving towards us, and when she will enter the solar system, incredible awaiting our planet cataclysms that will destroy all life on Earth.

During this time, a great many appeared on the World Wide Web pictures and videos supposedly showing the mysterious Planet X in the sky above us. Most often, such materials allow you to contemplate luminous balls on the horizon, right next to the sun. From here to viewers can get the impression that in a photo or video captured two suns. Orthodox scholars and other skeptics, speakers on television, in the media, on the Internet claim that there is no Nibiru, but for Planet X or the second sun impressionable personalities with cameras take the moon, halo, clouds with cast light on them and the like.

A photo from open sources

However, if this is really an optical effect, then anyway very unusual. The other day, another such entry hit World Wide Web. User of the famous YouTube video hosting under the pseudonym LsGunZ06 posted an amazing video on the site, on which two luminaries are visible in the evening sky. According to the author records, he, having lived all his life in Texas, had never before encountered anything like that. American claims to be filming video from his car, however, failed to make both “suns” were in one frame, because they were too far apart on the horizon. By the way, to the sensational planet The operator does not believe Nibiru, but asks Internet users – what is it, how is it possible: two suns? ..

Nibiru sun

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