A woman bought 30 lottery tickets, and each turned out to be winning

A woman bought 30 lottery tickets, and each was winningA photo from open sources

An unusual event occurred recently in an American city Richmond Virginia. Local resident Deborah Brown tells that recently she began to come across constantly one and the same sequence of numbers: 1, 0, 3, 1. Considering this a sign from above, the woman remembered the local lottery, where you need to guess 4 numbers in a row, and bought 30 tickets, in each of which entered the above number of numbers.

Of course, it’s more logical to use different combinations to increase your chances of winning, however our heroin was entirely I am convinced that she will be lucky already. As a result, Deborah was right: each of her tickets with the same numbers turned out to be winning, and for the maximum affordable amount of 5 thousand dollars. Thus, spending only 30 tickets on a pack of tickets dollars, the American received 150 thousand. According to Brown, when she found out about her win, she was nearly enough to hit, caused, with one hand, joy, and on the other – some kind of mystical fear, for it all seemed like a real miracle.

Lottery organizers were no less surprised winners. They report that the chances of guessing correctly a combination of 4 digits is 1 in 10 thousand. More surprising however all that a woman used the same sequence numbers, as if she knew exactly what she would give out lottery drum.

Deborah plans to spend the money won to repair her at home and traveling in at least all US states. IN she has now moved away from the shock state due to Wonderful lottery win, but seriously thought about device of our world, which, as it turned out, is not so materialistic and random, as scientists present it to us …


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