A woman does not sleep for three years because of a song in the head

A photo from open sources

A senior citizen from England lost her normal sleep because of the song, which constantly sounds in her head. Doctors say rare form musical hallucinations. The last three years of life have turned for 63 year old Susan Ruth in real torture. Stuck in her head popular hit of the 50s How much is that Doggie in the Window, which she hears day and night. Doctors believe that a woman suffers a rare form of musical hallucination. Retired woman also terrorize tunes like the UK anthem and congratulatory song Happy birthday. – It started three years back. Since then, in my head – a radio that is impossible disconnect. Especially terrible at night, it is crazy. I always I hear the music. But more often than others it sounds How much is that Doggie in the Window ?. In my youth I really loved this song, Susan complains. Ruth. In order to somehow alleviate his condition, Susan is trying switch to birdsong. However, intrusive tunes can play so loud that a woman doesn’t even hear her husband’s voice when he talks to her. – Doctors said that I have nothing will not help and most likely I will have to exist with this until end of life, said Susan.

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