A woman experienced an orgasm in her left leg

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55-year-old visits the Netherlands with an unusual doctor’s complaint female. The essence of the problem was that she survived a series of orgasms that occurred in her … in her left leg. Orgasmic sensations were sudden, frequent (up to five times a day) and not controlled. They were not caused by sexual desires or thoughts reported in the report of the attending physician. The woman described her sensations in the left leg, like reaching a vaginal orgasm during sexual act. The author of this study is Dr. Marcel, who also a renowned neuropsychiatrist and professor in the field psychopharmacology of the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands, reported that these unusual orgasms were very worrying for his patient and make her life uncomfortable. Having produced complete medical examination, including magnetic resonance imaging of the head the brain of a woman, doctors did not find any significant abnormalities, except for a slight difference between the nerves of her left and right legs. how it turned out stimulating the left foot with a small voltage also provokes a spontaneous orgasm in the patient. However, after an injection of anesthetic into the spinal nerve, responsible for the body’s signaling information, orgasms completely stopped and did not resume for more than eight months. Having carefully studied this phenomenon, scientists came to the conclusion that an orgasm in the woman’s left limb was caused by confusion in her the brain. Shortly before the phenomenon, the woman suffered a blood poisoning, in as a result of which she was in a coma for three weeks, and having regained consciousness, I began to complain of a slight burning sensation and tingling in my left leg, most likely due to damage to nerve fibers. It turns out a nerve that records signaling information and passing from feet to the spinal nerve, be at the same level as nerve that records vaginal impulses. And because of the frustration nervous system of the patient’s left leg her brain confuses these two a different impulse would seem to have been committed, resulting in a woman and experiences orgasms frightening her, coming not from the vagina, but from left foot. In medicine, it is so far the only and therefore unique happening. However, many experts are inclined to believe that this is just the only recorded case as people suffering a similar disorder, hesitate to seek medical attention help and thereby put on display to the public “ailment”. Sergey Vasilenkov


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