A woman forgot the last 40 years of her life, “back” in 1980

A woman forgot the last 40 years of her life,A photo from open sources

56-year-old Kim Denikola, living in the American city of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, surprised doctors with its unusual condition.

Doctors diagnosed a woman with transient global amnesia, however, they called the case truly unique. The fact is that such the syndrome is characterized by memory loss for several hours, less often at day, however, our heroine for almost half a year does not remember what happened to her over the past almost 40 years.

In October last year, Denikola left the church and unexpectedly felt a severe headache, as well as double vision. American called her husband and informed him of her ailment. Husband Kim advised him to go to the hospital immediately, but the woman stopped responding. Soon other parishioners found her unconscious in the parking lot near the church and taken to the hospital. When is our heroine she came to herself there, she was waiting for a very unusual dialogue with a nurse.

The patient was asked what year it was, and Denikola with confidence said that 1980. When the nurse asked who was the current president of the United States, then received the answer: Jimmy Carter Then an unknown person suddenly entered the room rushed to our heroine, I took her hand. Before his eyes were tears, so surprised Kim quickly realized that something was wrong. She I didn’t even suspect that this elderly man is her husband, with which she lived for the last 20 years.

The American still does not remember how to marry this a person whom she considered in the hospital much older than herself, how he bore him two sons and how she became the grandmother of three grandchildren. The fact is that the woman’s consciousness returned to the state when she was only 17 years old, and she absolutely does not remember her subsequent adulthood.

Since that fateful day, when Kim fainted on in the parking lot, the doctors performed countless tests, having scanned her brain far and wide. Alas, they could not determine what caused such severe memory loss. According to According to doctors, Denikola did not have a stroke or any other brain damage that could lead to similar the consequences.

Sudden amnesia is usually short-lived, however, Kim doesn’t remember his previous life here already 5 months and may never remember. She is learning again use a computer, tablet and other electronics, marveling that technological progress managed to step so far. Besides Moreover, the woman was unpleasantly surprised at how much American society has transformed and how political divisions split the country in two.

For Denikola, all this was tantamount to instantly moving to 40 years into the future – true, her body also sharply aged. Woman also had to relive the bitterness of the loss of parents and brother. Despite this, she is surrounded by loving people, and every day Kim, in her own words, makes it easier to live that life, whom she had once lived, but which she had somehow forgotten.

A life

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