A woman tightrope walker walked over the abyss on high heels

A woman tightrope walker walked over the abyss in heelsA photo from open sources

A resident of the American city of El Paso in Texas a rope over an abyss whose depth is eight hundred and forty meters. The trick turned out to be especially dangerous and unusual, since thirty-five-year-old Vera Dickey overcame the abyss on high-heeled shoes heels.

Despite the fact that the woman was attached to the rope with harnesses by cable, such an extreme pastime could well end badly for her if she stumbled and fell in as a result, either the rope or the insurance would break.

An amazing event took place at the festival. women-tightrope walkers recently held in the Pedra da Gavea area Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro. American not taking advantage balancing pole, crossed at the first attempt the gap between two rocks. According to Dickey, she was most impressed with this the event is not its own triumph – the woman was struck the beauty of Brazilian cities, forests and beaches. Faith also admitted that during the preparation for the competition many times walked along this rope with bare feet to good to train. However do the same in high heels, according to her it turned out to be ten times harder.

Event called “Highgirls Brazil Festival” that at Russian can be translated as “Brazilian Girls’ Festival in above, “was held this year for the first time. Competitions, as possible conclude are feminist in nature. However, representatives the stronger sex also had the right to participate in the festival, however, for of this they needed to wear dresses, wigs and hats.

Just one male tightrope walker, Brazilian Giovanni Roberto Farias, agreed to perform a similar performance and to hoot the audience walked along the same rope in a female outfit, though without shoes and with a balancer. So beat America’s Vera record Dickie this time no one could.

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