A woman who could cause UFOs

In Mexico, at the 84th year of life, the medium medium Amalia Ischel died known for her unusual spiritualistic sessions in which, among other things, UFOs were called. Photos from open sources In touch with the noosphere of the Senior Amalia is a descendant of the Mayan priests, and she took her surname from the Indian ancestors. In addition to the abilities for mediumship, she’s approximately forty years of age maintained telepathic contact with crew of an alien ship in orbit around the earth. Specialists call this phenomenon channeling (from the English word, translated meaning “channel”), or “contact of the 4th kind.” IN Unlike most contactees who, as a rule, cannot confirm the accuracy of the information they receive, information, transmitted by the aliens seigneur Amalia, in many cases confirmed. According to her, the cosmites helped her get in touch with noosphere, where you can get any information, including receive information about the future. However, these latter were transmitted to her most often in encrypted form – to make them more difficult use as this may affect future events. It was much easier to get information about the past. That’s probably why Senor Amalia particularly succeeded in solving the crimes. With her help found missing people and escaped criminals, in in some cases, she could restore the whole course of the perfect crime. At the age of seventy, she found a gift not only communicate with aliens, but also call their ship. For the first time this happened during her spiritualistic session in Guadalajara. Predicting the appearance of a UFO over the city, Senor Amalia fell into a trance. A disk-like object did appear. His watched by hundreds of people, he was shot on film. Next time UFO appeared during her interview with one television company, which took place on the lawn in front of her house. The conversation was just about flying saucers. Viewers saw in the sky behind At first, a sparkling line appeared, and then the whole object. He lasted about 15 seconds. Amazing meeting An unusual extension was her telepathic contact with aliens in 2000. It happened in the countryside on the west of Mexico, where a young woman died shortly before relative of the lord of Amalia. Parents of the deceased asked her to contact with the deceased and find out if she lives well in the next world. Medium on fell into a trance for a short time, and then told them to go to the foot of the nearby mountains, where, as she was told, relatives of the deceased, “they will make sure of everything.” Walking to the foothills, people witnessed the fall of an object that seemed to them a meteorite. He fell exactly where they were headed. They passed some more distance and suddenly they came out of the thicket towards them deceased. Everyone was in shock. She began to ask questions, but she was silent. She seemed to have a serene look, she smiled, like an angel. People stood in front of her in complete bewilderment. Finally her mother decided to approach, but, barely taking her hand, cried out and lost consciousness. At that moment, the deceased disappeared. Then over the forest a cloud of “luminous fog” rose and, gaining speed, disappeared around the mountains. After a short time, the woman woke up. In the same year she completely got rid of the illness that tormented her for many years, not resorting to medicine and drugs. I saw paradise … and died Another unusual incident occurred in 2001. Señora Amalia rested on the lake. While sailing on a boat she suddenly worried, began to look around, as if someone I was looking for. To the questions of those around her, she said that “they” are around here, Very close. Suddenly, water was bubbling near the boat, a wide funnel formed, which on the lake had never before It was. The captain directed the boat toward the shore. Senora Amalia asked him not to worry, but the badly decaying captain only added speed. The funnel moved behind the boat and fifty meters followed him until it resolved. In recent years, Senor Amalia almost never I got up from my chair and fell into oblivion for a long time. Waking up she she said she’s been “where we all will be.” She was asked that represents this place, but she smiled and negatively shook her head. * * * Senor Amalia would have received much more fame, do it predictions or healing. But she never aspired to fame. She lived modestly enough. Right away after her death, a campaign began to be put on her face blessed, to subsequently be counted saints. However local Catholic bishop, extremely disapproving of Spiritualism and UFO, said that talking about it is still very early. Igor VOLOZNEV Abnormal news No. 26 (602) 2012

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