A woman who for 80 years every day eats a kilogram of sand

A woman who eats a kilogram of sand every day for 80 yearsA photo from open sources

Sudama Devi is the mother of four children, she is over eighty years old, and for most of her conscious life she eats sand. When Sudama was still a nine-year-old girl, she argued with girlfriends that will eat a whole shit of sand, and after the dispute was won, suddenly suddenly realized that an unusual treat had to her taste. What was to be done? Girl in secret from parents began there is sand, and already, as an adult woman, continued to use his food, not having the strength to stop.

Sudama finds sand unusually tasty, and eats it no less kilograms per day, using as an additive to regular food, and sometimes using it in a dry form, and sometimes diluting it in a glass water. And what is most surprising, in her years a woman is completely not complains of health and has excellent appetite.

The relevant question arises – does our body know better than us themselves and all world doctors combined, what is he really needs? Because, apparently, Sudama has a desire to have sand Devi did not arise by itself, but was told to her intuitively, back in childhood, when she felt the need for unusual food. If judged by the health status of an elderly woman, it becomes apparent that her body not only does not repel foreign food, on the contrary, easily digesting it, it seems even quite satisfied with the diet chosen Sudam.

A photo from open sources

In medicine, this phenomenon is called pica. Perverted people appetite, choosing as an appetizer the most seemingly inedible things: dirt, soap, stones, and even, you can imagine imagine glass, found all over the world. For example, another the inedible indian Pakkirappa Hunagund without any He’s been eating stones for more than twenty years, and he’s also in good health, even the teeth are so strong that they can envy any person.

This strange disease is written not only in medical directories: did the writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez know about pica known, but Rebekah, one of the heroines of his novel “One Hundred Years loneliness, “in childhood acquired an addiction, from which they tried to wean her with difficulty, – the girl ate earth and lime with walls of the house. Even becoming an adult girl, Rebekah continued to do this is in minutes of extreme nervous excitement.

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