A woman who remembers her every day of life

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AJ (this is a pseudonym, and the real name is Jill Price) – the famous a woman with a completely unique memory. She remembers absolutely everything events, even those that took place several decades ago. AJ is able to name the smallest details of any day.

This woman is now over forty. Since a few years ago, she told scientists about her abilities, she is not left alone. Still, such a rare memory could not become the subject of thorough analysis by specialists.

Jill price at home

A photo from open sources

AJ was originally studied by psychiatrists and neuropathologists University of California, Irvine. Doctors had a huge the number of different tests, each time amazed at the results.

Then it was assumed that the emergence of the phenomenon contributed hormones of stress and diverse emotions. Some doctors argued that it was the emotional forces that allowed AJ to remember all the most important in her life.

However, later it turned out that this hypothesis is not not only complete, but also incorrect. Because scientists continued a study of the abilities of an amazing woman. Soon they came to conclude that the events that AJ remembers are not just basic and especially important to her. She remembers absolutely everything and talks about every little thing of days gone by with amazing ease.

A photo from open sources

A woman with amazing memory differs from other extraordinary individuals who have repeatedly demonstrated more than normal opportunities in a variety of fields, including music, art or storage areas. AJ is another. Her brain is a storehouse of secrets which scientists intend to unravel soon.

Thorough brain scanning and other modern studies of women with unique memories are likely to allow Scientists understand the specifics of the brain AJ, as well as suggest a move later life of a mysterious woman. In the meantime, experts are only at the very beginning of the journey. They still have a long painstaking Work.

At present, the strange woman AJ is carefully hiding from curious. In order not to be attacked by journalists, she acquired a pseudonym (the letters AJ have nothing to do with the real name they don’t have unique ones) and tries not to give interviews.

The most advanced doctors claim that before explaining phenomenon, you should understand it. Will scientists be able to decompose the phenomenon “on the shelves”, time will tell.

Specialists do not undertake to predict the future of AJ. One thing is clear – a woman will not be left alone until they solve her so specific a secret.

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