A woman with a rare gift is able to “try on taste “people’s names

A woman with a rare gift is capable ofA photo from open sources

37-year-old Julie McDowall from the Scottish city of Glasgow possesses a very rare ability called “synesthesia” which allows us to perceive our world in a special way.

This is a neurological phenomenon or disease (interpretation in this case it can be different), in which the irritation of one sensory organ causes involuntary sensations in another. People with such a structure of the brain can, for example, “see” music, “smell” colors or “listen” to odors (each of them shows synesthesia in their own way).

So, Julie tastes in her mouth whenever she hears someone else name. Sometimes she even sees certain images that are difficult describe, but most often it is only about taste. For the first the look may seem that living with such an ability is not very it’s easy, but the woman says: there’s nothing wrong with that. Julie suffers from synesthesia from early childhood and has long been accustomed to her sensations.

What do the names of people taste like? According to McDowall, the name Brian tastes like coconut flakes for her, Graham tastes like cold steel, John – quality shoe leather; Danielle – pasta with tomato sauce, wendy – orange juice, jesus – chocolate balls with waffle filling. Moreover, along with the surname and patronymic names acquire special taste shades, even the full and reduced name completely different …

Users of the social networks in which Julie is registered, constantly asking her to tell what taste their names have and surnames. This allows a woman to be very much in demand. Internet, so many of the regulars of social networks with pleasure would have had such a gift: thanks to it it is much easier to find popularity than putting on the “world wide web” endless selfie.

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