A young Norwegian dreaming of becoming a horse is easy runs on all fours

A young Norwegian woman who dreams of becoming a horse runs easily on all foursA photo from open sources

Norwegian girl Isla Kirstin has recently become real Internet sensation after being demonstrated to users The World Wide Web has its very unusual skills.

The fact is that our heroine from early childhood learned to run on all fours at a trot, gallop and amble, and also with ease jump over various obstacles, just like a horse. By turning on the video below, you can see it a weird sight with my own eyes.

By uploading some of these videos to Twitter and Instagram, Norwegian did not even suspect that in a week they will collect tens of millions of views and become viral. Running and jumping on all fours, the girl is so believable an animal that many netizens have calculated these frames a little creepy. Commentators write that this is probably the case. a man like Mowgli brought up animals.

Isla told Insider Online that she wanted to become animals from at least three years of age. At first she wanted to be a dog, but then made friends with horses and realized that he wants to be like them only. Palms Kirstin have long become coarse and allow her to indulge in her favorite pastime wounding hands on the ground or asphalt. In ordinary life, she walks on two legs, like all of us, but in his spare time he often prefers move around like an animal.

The regulars of the virtual space have already given our heroine the nickname Woman Horse, which, according to Isla, looks more like a name some mythical creature from Native American folklore. On the taunts her hobby she does not pay attention either on the web or in real life.

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