Abnormal behavior of soapy foam captured on video

Abnormal behavior of soapy foam captured on videoA photo from open sources

When we talk about various supernatural anomalies, then most often we mean ghosts, teleportation, portals to other measurements and all that. The video below is not nothing too impressive shown, but something weird probably still demonstrates.

In one of the hospitals in the Argentinean province of Tucuman, cleaners recently washed floors and suddenly noticed something inexplicable. Women took out their mobile phones and began to record it on video. Judging by their reaction, they are truly surprised at what is happening. and had never encountered anything like it before. Solution foam which Argentines used to mop, suddenly started spontaneously move from side to side and spin.

Some users of the World Wide Web, where records cleaners, believe that this is indeed a supernatural phenomenon. Most commentators are trying to find a rational an explanation for this behavior of soap suds.

Some skeptics believe that the whole thing is in a chemical reaction. Other suggest that there is a drain hole under the foam – perhaps clogged. Still others are convinced that someone blew on top of the air a gun, hairdryer or vacuum cleaner. It was not a ghost that dwelt in foam, the fourth ask despair? Why not…

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