Abnormal hares photographed in the Republic Komi

Anomalous hares photographed in the Komi RepublicA photo from open sources

In the village of Diyur, Izhemsky district of the Russian Republic of Komi on the other day unusual guests were noticed. One of the villagers saw near of his plot of three birds with one stone. Wild animals approaching the house men sat quietly on the ground. The peculiarity of these forest inhabitants consisted in the fact that they had a white color, although it stands on the street summer. An eyewitness was surprised at such a picture and photographed the abnormal animals, posting the received picture on the Internet.

According to the witness, the hares were very excited that nearby are people and rural animals. Some time unexpected visitors believed that no one sees them, however after of how our hero came up and photographed animals, they immediately rushed back to the forest. However why were they dressed in winter the skin? This, though rare, can happen in a very cold summer, however, in Komi there is a great heat now, therefore the reason such an outlandish seasonal color of hares is real a riddle.

A photo from open sources

The author of the photo first suggested that we are talking about feral rabbits. However, biologist Anna Kanda from Ukhta reports that on after all, real hare-hares got there. This is indicated long front paws of animals. Other professionals on the web, interested in mysterious animals, suggest that the whole A brood of hares could be a victim of climate change. As known, due to constant climatic jumps biological plants many animals are disturbed. It remains to be hoped that these eared they will not become victims of predators because of their catchy appearance. However, Mother Nature herself will decide to leave her such offspring or initially eradicate this anomaly. Man like as a rule, interfering in this process, only makes mistakes, and regardless of the postulate – selfish or even kind and disinterested …

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