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Many cancer survivors, as well as their families and friends, it will be extremely unpleasant to know that cancer is a direct result acts of the sick person (excluding cases of childhood cancer, see below). Long a strong correlation is noted between what is in Orthodoxy called “mortal sins,” and the incidence of cancer. Bezo of all mysticism, we will show how most of the “mortals sins “, as well as some other behavioral stereotypes initiate launch of cancer programs. First of all, you should not mix cancer with diseases caused by excessive exposure mutagenic factors: substances poorly named carcinogens, and also exposure, etc. In these cases, so much is happening damage to protein molecules that the immune system does not cope with load. If the action of mutagenic factors is, figuratively speaking, invasion of an external enemy, then cancer is a slaughter that is internal a matter of the body, although the symptoms in both cases can be very similar. We list the behavioral stereotypes leading to cancer. Of “mortal sins” should discard the gloom, i.e. actually reluctance to live, which simply cuts off energy supplies, and also adultery, which will be specifically mentioned. So the first mortal sin is pride (not to be confused with pride in worthy deeds. True, from pride to pride is one step). Pride is a common misfortune among geniuses, both recognized and unrecognized. Hand in hand with her there is contempt, condemnation and double standards of morality (“to me this it’s possible, but it’s impossible for you “). Further – gluttony, or gluttony; refers to the excessive consumption of any material goods in damage to others. MORE: mortal sins such as envy and jealousy. And more: anger. Another list should be added to this list. widespread cause of cancer: resentment. Common to all of these behavioral stereotypes is that they are not aimed at unity with the world, not for work for the common good, but, on the contrary, for isolating oneself and contrasting oneself with the world, and at work only for myself personally. As we will see now, precisely on these principles a cancerous group of cells acts. The principle of separatism translated in a package of automatic programs, means the possibility of manifestation of this principle in the body, which in the end happens as follows way. For one or another “isolated” group of cells of the same type, built from the same proteins (which are only part complete individual set), forms its own immune subsystem. Please note: the body’s immune system continues to perceive such cells and proteins as “their own”, and the immune the subsystem of this isolated group of cells perceives the rest cells and proteins of the body as “strangers” and, accordingly, fights against them. This is the essence of cancer; uncontrolled propagation of cancer cells with tumor formation is not necessary at all – there are cases of “silent” cancer. It is significant that adults are mostly affected by cancer. those organs and tissues that are subject to maximum mutagenic effects: peripheral tissues – skin and mucous membranes, digestive tract, lungs, genitals, as well as “filters” the body – the liver and kidneys. Criterion for which group of cells an immune subsystem will be formed, very simple – for that which suffers most from mutagenic effects. IN in particular, such exposure, contributing to the development of breast cancer, sadly, the kisses of the breasts are inveterate smokers. So, forming an immune subsystem, automation is simple facilitates the life of “suffering” tissue. As for the cases of children cancer, then these are the results of the forwarding of the disease earned by one of the relatives, most often by the parents. Oncological program as one of those parent programs that duplicated when forming an individual software package child, also goes through the encoding procedure (see above) and begins work at the stage of fetal development. Unlike cancer in adults that infect tissues that have been in contact with mutagens, in children, the localization of cancer is different, more “deep”: muscles are affected, bones, nervous system, and also liquid tissues – blood and lymph. IN in light of the foregoing, it becomes apparent what cancer prevention: live without pride, envy, resentment, etc. (see above). The methodology is also ridiculously simple. stopping the cancer process, when it has not yet lowered to the level of the body, as well as a healing technique even at the stage of damage to the body. This the technique is known from time immemorial – repentance. Repentance is not confession, this is not a story about your sins to anyone, especially who imagines that he has the opportunity and the right to let them go. Feat repentance is the realization that such a course of action was it’s wrong that “this is not mine”, and most importantly, “the more I am I won’t do it. ”Only then does the natural restructuring of the soul, which, through the characteristic time, is reflected in the body. Please note that you can repent not only of sins, but and in “good” deeds – with corresponding consequences. Everybody is here occurs under strict laws that cannot be circumvented by naive calculations, such as “I sin – I repent, and also sin – still repent. “And if he himself did not – on time, of course – necessary adjustment in his soul, he didn’t swept out of his subconscious own dirt, then all other means, including extrasensory exposure is “like a dead poultice.” Indeed, some psychics can work with other people’s souls by force – to “overwrite” or “add” programs, however after that, souls quickly recover. Robust changes in soul receive only from their own conscious efforts. That’s why it’s extremely difficult to throw into someone’s soul even with the help of hypnosis a program to carry out actions contrary to his beliefs is well known to experts in zombies. So everyone well-known cases of cancer healing were necessarily preceded repentance is a restructuring of the soul and worldview. Scientific Doctors Of course, the very facts of healing are denied. “That, then, was not cancer,” they say. When they are presented with the same diagnosis a year ago, then they joyfully shrug: “So we made a mistake! “Verily – those who desire at all costs maintain their ignorance, act very consistently. what Regarding the healing of childhood cancer, everything is much more complicated here. Even if this process is reversible, then to stop it, as at the very least, the child would have to repent of his parental sins. But what kind of child can do this? – after all, childhood cancer begins in the womb, and at the final stages goes on average to the age of six age! We are not aware of cases of curing childhood cancer. For what do these children suffer? Ask their parents about this.

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