About the mysterious taiga anomaly in the Urals

On the mysterious taiga anomaly in the UralsPhotos from open sources of

Ural resident Yegor Yakimov says that in the summer of 1965 went camping, taking with him three friends. Being relatively experienced travelers, Russians gathered necessary equipment and walked straight into the taiga wilds. Suddenly, one of the men noticed that his compass needle rotates like crazy, and sometimes completely freezes in place. The other comrades took out their compasses and also noticed that their devices are not working properly.

The Urals felt uneasy, because in their campaign they relied solely on compasses and did not know how to get out deaf taiga in a different way. Travelers rushed to the plateau more three hours trying to find a place where the magnetic hands would stop to jump. Finally, friends got out of this trap, orienting on the lichen in the trees. Then men even laughed: they say, good hunters, could not immediately calmly leave, using the natural tips. However, Yakimov became to suspect that their fear and panic were caused by something else, inexplicable, the compass was just a little clue that they hit into the trap.

In the winter of 1973, Yegor and his comrades again went to the taiga, this time to hunt for wood grouse, and about the same places. The Russians walked between the two ridges, skiing along the hollow. At a certain moment, Yakimov, closing the procession, unexpectedly noticed that his comrades began to diverge in different directions. Stunned, Yegor shouted at his friends and asked what was the reason. so strange their behavior. The hunters were no less surprised and reported that each of them was going where he pointed compass. Then it became clear that travelers again came across to this anomaly causing compasses to show direction wrong. After about an hour it stopped, but the Urals and after that they couldn’t get rid of the growing feeling anxiety.

That evening, Yakimov discovered something even more startling and frightening. Making a fire, a man stood on all fours to better fan the fire, and suddenly felt a strong rhythmic pulsation coming from under the ground, as if somewhere out there, deep in the bowels, a beating heart beat. Our hero preferred not to say anything to his friends, but at dawn immediately woke them up and ordered them to pack faster. More he is in these baleful places never and did not go with anyone.

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