About the Russian customs officer with a phenomenal intuition

On a Russian customs officer with phenomenal intuitionPhoto from open sources

Employee of the Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation Alexey Fedorovich Skokova possessed a phenomenal, one might even say fantastic, intuition. Tales of this individual resemble pure fiction, fantastic stories however his colleagues are all as one confirm that it was so in reality.

Unfortunately, Alexey died in the early 2000s in a solid age. Almost until his death, he worked, effectively preventing transportation of prohibited goods to the territory of our country. Senior citizen by all means kept in the service as the bearer of an amazing gift, which was second to none.

The fact is that Skokova is faultless, in 10 cases there are 10 of them, determined whether there were unlawful things in a person’s luggage. Can It was assumed that the Russian possessed a certain X-ray vision and could see right through the knots and suitcases crossing our western border, but this is not so.

Alex didn’t look at the load at all, but instead stared looked at travelers. Together with the brigade he went into the hall inspection and began to “scan” with the eyes of those present. Customs regulations in those days were very strict – you can were brought to Russia no more than 1 liter of alcohol, 300 grams of coffee and 30 packs of tobacco products. And many, as you might guess, tried to drag across the border much more.

An amazing gift from a Russian customs officer

The miracle customs officer easily identified such smugglers look. Skokovoy approached the man, asked to untie the knot, open a suitcase or open your jacket. It never happened so that our hero snatches the innocent from the crowd. Drugs illegal values, weapons, other smuggling – if in the service was Alexei Fedorovich, not a single violator could pass him customs regulations.

Someone will certainly assume that the man had the ability distinguish between emotions and determine by the person’s face that at least worried a little bit. However, this, apparently, was far from the truth. It seemed that the customs officer was just given knowledge from above. Here is one interesting case in point.

A photo from open sources

Once across the border boxes of clothes were transported. The metal detector showed that inside is gold. All clothes thoroughly turned over several times, but nothing gold in it not turned out. Maybe electronics junk? Skokov’s that day It was a day off, but for the sake of such a thing, they decided to tear it from recreation.

Arriving at the customs point, the man looked at the owner of the boxes and immediately said: “Yes, there are nails of gold.” Cargo owner, until this yawned calmly next, immediately changed in his face. Checked – and for sure! Each box was knocked together with many gold nails. More than six kilograms of precious metal was pulled out of them. Not turned out would be next to our hero – I would have to miss in the end smuggler.

Did Aleksey Fedorovich simply read other people’s thoughts? Co-workers repeatedly asked him to share a secret so successful work, but the miracle customs officer each time answered only one: “I just feel it. How? I can’t explain.”

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