Africa is the oldest continent of witchcraft and of magic

Africa - the most ancient continent of witchcraft and magicPhoto from open sources

Africa is considered the place where the Earth’s population came from, i.e. it was here, according to academic science, that it was born humanity, settling later on all continents. And although it is far from indisputable truth, but the African mainland certainly can be considered the ancestral home of witchcraft. Moreover, the Black Continent still famous for spellcasters and sorcerers, demons and genie …

For example, here and today, premature death of a person considered the result of witchcraft, and the twins – the soul, split in two (rubbed and so on), so individual tribes try immediately correct this “mistake of nature”, that is, kill such babies. It is in Africa that the most terrible witchcraft is prevalent Voodoo, it is here with the help of his deceased person that “resurrect”, make zombies and send as unquestioning slave on the plantation …

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Kills with witchcraft

So kill with witchcraft. It is practiced on Black continent to this day, although the most common practice was in the old days. For example, at the beginning of the last century the commander of the region in Nigeria, Sir H. Palmer, described quite noteworthy case. One day he found out that in the Ibi region young a native of the Djukun tribe faces death, as he claims to the role of leader contrary to the wishes of the sorcerers. Palmer took the young African with you as a servant. But some time passed, and his the new assistant was about to return to Ibi. However during Farewell to the guy there was a seizure, and he suddenly died.

Doctor E. Digby performed autopsy at Palmer’s request, but not found in a young native no pathology that could lead to such a deplorable end, why the commander did the conclusion that his servant was killed with the help of witchcraft.

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In our time, the local African sorcerers-villains have long managed curb, however their black craft continues to live, albeit not in on such a scale, and ritual killings are practiced practically everywhere. For example, policeman M.Staaten from Basutoland, who happened to have investigated such atrocities, even describes Mysterious Mayme: It was mixed in food or drink. to the victim, after which the doomed obediently went “to the scaffold” – without the slightest resistance.

Witchcraft Suicides

In Africa, the local population does not commit suicide understanding how civilized Europe or America. However natives they can easily just summon death with special spells. Evidence of this is more than enough.

So, the Englishman S. Gordon drove several vessels up Nilu to Khartoum with the help of the Kru rowers. The natives worked on glory, until they yearn for their homes. After which they are friendly light at the bottom of the boats and informed Gordon that they were heading home. AND soon died. Every single one …

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Another no less remarkable case is described by sir. H. Bell, who fought cannibalism in northern Nigeria. His the corps captured 40 cannibals who were placed in Minna’s prison. And here something incredible began: every day one of the prisoners was dying. As the prison doctor established, he went to the forefathers along own will. Bella after such a “medical report” I just had to free the remaining natives and send them home.

Power over animals

On the African continent you can still meet spellcasters who have power over wild animals. So in West Africa old-timers talk about an amazing priest named “ju-ju” with the Cross River which using reed the pipes lured hippos out of the swamps, and they obeyed him, like domestic dogs, although the native didn’t even feed them.

Army officer captain F. butt-thomspons who long time lived on this continent and wrote a lot of interesting things about him, told me that a woman who lived freely in Sierra Leone (even defiantly) bathed in the river among bloodthirsty crocodiles, and they calmly let her even ride on herself …

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But perhaps the most common example of animal submission with the help of witchcraft was a secret society of African leopards.

Leopard people

At the beginning of the last century, killer leopards became so common on the black continent that it even resulted in a big lawsuit. Arrested in this case. over 400 natives, including several famous leaders. Arrested detained in hard labor prison guarded by border guards troops. At the same time, at all interrogations, the natives persistently reiterated that the murders were committed by animals – leopards, not they. And prove the opposite it was almost impossible.

The last violent explosion of activity of the secret leopard society recorded in the forties of the last century in Calabar County Nigeria. Then it was discovered more than 50 mutilated bodies, next to which certainly found the footprints of this predator.

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By the way, those of the whites who have lived in West Africa for a long time, seriously assured that there was a special initiation ceremony of this secret witchcraft society, when between its new member and a real leopard established a “blood” connection, after which a person could control a predator (to become him for a while). By the way when the owner was dying, the beast also perished, and vice versa …

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