African boy is able to turn head like an owl

African boy is able to turn his head like an owlA photo from open sources

A video appeared on the popular YouTube video hosting managed to fly around the entire World Wide Web for several days, turning into a real internet sensation.

The record depicts a seven-year-old African who possesses amazing ability: the child knows how to turn fantastically his head is almost a hundred and eighty degrees, just like an owl. True, he does this with the help of an adult relative who holds the boy’s head firmly while he unfolds body, but a similar trick from this does not become less extreme and impressive.

Some people are known to be very flexible by nature. joints allowing them to twist their limbs practically at any angle. Previously, such individuals were highly valued by circus institutions, showing their flexibility to the public and being called “people boneless. “However, any doctor will tell you that human the neck is a completely different matter. It consists of seven vertebrae, which, usually allow us to turn our heads to a maximum ninety degrees.

In the case of a little African, we are probably talking about the rarest congenital malformations when the cervical vertebrae freely give a person the ability to twist his head on an owl. In this case, not it is possible that after puberty the bones of the boy will be lost their flexibility and will take a normal look.

Admiring the boy’s flexibility, people fear for him health

Needless to say, trying to repeat such a risky The trick is not worth the hassle at all. Web users compare African with the protagonist of the film “Exorcist”, in which evil forces infused and which also knew how to turn head back. However, some people have such flexibility in the body. demonstrate in reality.

Note that many Internet patrons have found this Pampering is potentially dangerous. “If you’re capable of something, not yet means that this needs to be done, “writes one of the commentators on YouTube “At twenty years old he may already need metal implants for fixing the cervical vertebrae “, – suggests another. “I wonder how he understood that he could twist your head? Is he with his father or older brother just tried to do it? “- the third one is interested.

However, in just the first three days, the video gathered on video hosting about nine hundred thousand views. Now they are already about three million.


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