After 30 years, children will be massively raised in test tubes

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A technology known as ectogenesis is under development with 2001 year. Embryo growing experiments have already been conducted in an artificial womb attached to the placental machine. Activists believe that this technology can reduce the number of stillborn because the fetus will be under more close monitoring and will be easily accessible. However how critics say this could redefine social roles, and will also destroy the bond between the mother and her child. Ectogenesis which suggests the growth of the body outside the body, has already been tested on bacteria and animals. Artificial womb making which this technology suggests, need artificial the uterus, which will provide the fetus with nutrients and oxygen. Due to the fact that these machines will be connected to computers, doctors able to easily monitor all vital signs child 24 hours a day. Technology could be a chance for women who are unable to bear the child due to damage uterus, for example. She can also save gay couples from having to look for surrogate mothers. In addition, artificial wombs will reduce the number of deaths during childbirth and stillborn children, and also extend the childbearing age of women. Another advantage technology proponents are talking about is that in the case of a fetal disease, he can easily introduce medication. US-Hungarian futurist Zoltan Istvan I am convinced that the technology will be ready for use within 20 years and will begin to be widely used after 30. He claims that the technical base is almost completely prepared by scientists, but because legal and ethical problems the beginning of its use drags on. Istvan also notes that those who decide to have an abortion women will have a choice, and they will not be able to kill the baby, but allow the embryo to be placed in an artificial uterus to subsequently, someone adopted the child. While supporters technology lists the benefits that it will bring use, many activists and experts oppose ectogenesis. Even feminists didn’t like it, criticized him back in 2012, notes in a recent issue British tabloid Mail Online.


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