After a coma, the Briton spoke French

A photo from open sources

Car accident completely changed the identity of an ordinary hairdresser Rory Curtis, who began to consider himself a Hollywood actor Matthew McConaughey.

At the age of 25, the guy received terrible injuries when collision of his car with a large truck during pouring rain. Rescuers took 40 minutes to free Rory from the car. He was immediately sent to the hospital, where doctors for six days fought for the life of the patient, who all this time was in a coma.

As soon as Curtis woke up, then literally for several minutes managed to surprise the surrounding medical staff. It turned out, that the guy can speak French fluently, although not studied it starting from school.

A photo from open sources

Curtis claims that he did not learn French from the age of 9, and not understands how she can speak it fluently now. is he can’t understand how he now knows french in perfection if at school in his study of stars from the sky is not grabbed it.

A photo from open sources

Also, doctors are at a loss for the fact that the guy is after this out of a coma was firmly convinced that he was an actor Matthew McConaughey. Curtis himself said he was incredibly surprised when saw in the mirror his true reflection. He believed that is it was this personality, but realized that he was completely different from him.

Doctors cannot substantiate these facts scientifically, although they are aware that the inexplicable appearance of certain knowledge and abilities in people, transferred to whom, there is a place to be. By the way, not all Readers of local media reacted to this story with confidence. The further fate of the young man is unknown, as it is not clear whether his knowledge acquired after a coma will persist for a long time.


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